What to drink in Venice: amazing cocktail bars, great wine & more!

A drink in Venice will be an amazing experience, as Venice has some of the best cocktail bars in the world, places to sip a perfect Italian caffè, and the great Veneto wines!

A Drink in Venice: Cocktail Bars of the Serenissima

Venicethe Most Serene –  has a very long tradition of Caffè.

In Italian the word “caffè” has two different meanings: it is the translation of “coffee”, but it defines a bar as well.

Usually, an elegant, or historical, or anyway “special” bar and, in a modern way, a great cocktail bar.

A crossroad between Europe and East, between rest of Europe and Italy, Venice has a long tradition of venues that are the history itself of bartending.

A drink in Venice… between old style and new style

A tradition you can’t have one better thatn this: Venice shares with Paris the record of first established Caffè in the world: Caffé Florian is “up and running” since 1720, and it definitely is a must – see in Venice.

Caffé Florian had great patrons, such as Carlo Goldoni – Venetian playwright, Goethe and Casanova, poet Lord Byron, Charles Dickens and Marcel Proust.

Caffé Florian has also an incredible artistic value: in 1858 it was completely redecorated and reorganized in themed halls: Chinese, Oriental, Venetian Senate Hall, Illustrious Men hall and, lately, the Liberty – style one.

Basically: Caffé Florian is also a museum, but you can have there great coffee and cocktails!

Caffé Florian is also a top – notch restaurant: it is – of course… – quite expensive, but at least once in a life you shoul try the exclusive and cozy atmosphere of such a place.

A drink in Venice: not only Florian!

The Oriental Bar of the Metropole Hotel is another great venue and if you are a tea – addict, you shouldn’t miss  the Tea Ceremony, from October to March, hosted with the Dammann Freres. Veneto has also quite a good wine tradition: while in Venice, or out for a day – trip, you should give a try to the Amarone della Valpolicella Classico or the sparkling champagne – like Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene.

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