What to drink in Turin: from wine to… chocolate!

A lot of very different options when it comes to a drink in Turin: strong red wines, the Italian sweet champagne, a very special coffee, chocolate – propelled liquors… and even more!

Drink in Turin… the great Piedmont wines

Along with Tuscany (mainly Florence and Siena countryside), Piedmont is one of the Italian regions with a strong wine production tradition, history and culture.

Thus, while you are in Turin, you’ll have plenty of chance to taste the great Piedmont wines, or to plan a day trip, or a week-end for a… full immersion (pun not intended!) in the magic of Italian wine.

The tough stuff…

Barbera and Barolo are the main red wine from Piedmont. They are the most important, some vintage can be very very!!! expensive and you should definitely give them a try while in Piedmont or in Turin. Both Barbera and Barolo are full-bodied wines, the perfect match for red meat and game, or for strong main dishes as polenta al ragù – boiled cornmeal with meat sauce.

… And a softer side

Barolo has a very nice – as we could say – “byproduct”: the Barolo Chinato, an aromatised wine.

Sparkling Piedmont: Spumante!

Asti is the nice town not far from Turin and capital of the “Spumante” production: the Moscato d’Asti is a sweet sparkling wine, produced according to the Charmat method directive.

A drink in Turin for the sweet tooth

Turin had its peculiar way to reinterpret the tradition of Italian coffee: the Bicerin: an irresistible and perfectly balanced mix of coffee, chocolate and fresh cream. The same name – Bicerin – has been used more recently to label a made in Turin Gianduja chocolate liquor. The Caffé Bicerin bar keeps – very safely indeed! – the secret recipe for the original Bicerin.

A cocktail in Turin

As everywhere in Italy, in Turin you are going to find a lot of places for an Aperitivo, the pre – dinner cocktail.

The must go are the Smile Tree, in the Turin “artists’ quarter” and Bobo’s, not far from Parco del Valentino gardens.

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