What to drink in Rome

It is quite easy to find nice places to drink in Rome: the city of La Dolce Vita is still… sweet, with posh cocktail bars, tiny and cosy wine bars, and great cafè where you can experience the great Italian tradition of the caffè espresso.

A Drink in Rome: the Wine Bar Track

A French name for a place not far from Piazza Navona: if you think of Cul de Sac as of a “tourists grinder” well: think again. In Following the Italian concept of “wine bar”, Cul de Sac is not a drink – only place, but a restaurant as well.

Nevertheless, Cul de Sac is definitely a wine place, with an amazing, incredible wine list.

At Trimani the balance is even more in favour of wine over food. You can try a glass of wine, and the just buy the bottle of the same wine to bring it back home with you. Trimani is not far from Villa Borghese and Villa Torlonia.

A Drink in Rome: the cocktail track

From the already mentioned La Dolce Vita to La Grande Bellezza: the Eternal City is surrounded by an imagery of opulence and lust, decadence and unfading beauty. In such a tempting city the elegance, quality and – why not – that bit of poshness of its cocktail bars has very few rivals in the rest of the world.

And Bar Necci, in the Pigneto area, not far from Roma Termini Train Station, has been a protagonist of the Fab ’60s in Rome and it still is a must of the Rome cocktail bar scenery. A restaurant as well, Bar Necci is a very good place to start your Aperitivo – the pre – dinner cocktail hour – Rome tour!

With Stravinskij Bar, Hotel de Russie’s venue, we reach the top of the poshness scale! An amazing place, as cool as elegant, with world – class barmen.

Not to mention coffee…

While in Italy you’ll realize that it’s always time for a coffee, of course made following the Italian way of the Espresso. Probably Naples is the Italian capital city of coffee, but in Rome you must have a coffee at Rosati – not far from the Pincio Gardens – or at Antico Caffè Greco: great coffee since 1760!

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