What to drink in Naples

A drink in Naples means, first of all, coffee. But there is much more than that!

Drink in Naples… the perfect coffee cup!

Na tazzulella ‘e cafè literally a “tiny cup” (in Italian: tazzina) of coffee is what you have to drink in Naples. “Na tazzulella ‘e cafè” became also a song, by the dear departed Neapolitan songwriter Pino Daniele: an anthem for that tiny, perfect cup of coffee that sometimes is all you need.

Thus, when in Naples, you must definitely give the local coffee culture a try: but beware! Going back later to that huge carton cups with a watery dark liquid inside (that is the Italian – and even more the Neapolitan! – perception of the “American way to coffee”) won’t be that easy…

The Naples Mount Olympus of coffee is Caffè Gambrinus: probably one of the best espresso – place in the world… Since 1860!!!

A coffee quest…

If Caffè Gambrinus is a very nice place to have your tazzina di caffè, your tazzulella, many definitely not posh places are around to experience the coffee as a local. An example? The Bar Nilo, the perfect place to sip your coffee while chatting about football and the legendary, unforgotten Maradona’s challenges.

”Icing” the coffee

Naples can be very warm in summer, or even in spring or autumn. And the tazzina di caffè is something supposed to be drunk hot.

But there is another way to enjoy a coffee: the granita, ice coffee, served with fresh cream for the sweet tooth!

Not only coffee in Naples

Looking for a cocktail after the coffee bonanza? Then the Vesper Cocktail Bar, not far from the promenade, is your place, or the Azoth Cocktail Bar.

If you are a wine lover, while in Naples you can try a couple of Campania DOCG grapes: Aglianico del Taburno, Greco di Tufo, Falanghina del Sannio.

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