Vinoforum- Rome’s 14th Annual Wine Fest

Rome is currently gearing up for its annual Summer wine extravaganza, Vinoforum, which will bring together an internationally renowned group of gastronomic connoisseurs. This festival will precipitate the Roma Food & Wine Week, which will consist of over 200 delightful exhibitions, presentations, and tasting opportunities for those excited or impassioned by the Rome food and wine scene. The Eternal City has been seen as one of the few global centers for gastronomy for centuries, and Food and Wine week shows us that this title won’t be changing anytime soon.

This year will mark the 14th annual Vinoforum and is anticipated to have a groundbreaking assortment of vendors to excite your tastebuds. If you’re planning a trip to Rome during the beginning of June, we strongly recommend a guided walking tour to become acquainted with the vast city in the midst of potential street and attraction closures, and amongst the thousands that will be in town exclusively for the Vinoforum. We recommend this private tour, which will wind you through the endless alleyways of this beautiful city.

Held between the 3rd-12th of June throughout the city of Rome, this year’s Vinoforum will feature over 2,500 wines for tasting and a variety of pop up restaurants that will offer unique dining experiences for attendees. Looking to learn a bit more about becoming an Italian chef? Opt for a cooking and culture class in The Eternal City itself. With an entrance cost of 16 Euro, including a signature wine glass and goodie bag, the Vinoforum is accessible to tasters, both serious as well as novice.

The wines featured this year at Vinoforum will be predominantly domestic vintages, hailing from all corners of Italy. The exquisite part about this celebration, especially from the perspective of a visitor to Italy, is that a weekend spent at Vinoforum will allow one to taste wines from throughout all Italian regions. For those that won’t be in Rome during the week of the wine celebration, an excellent alternative is to tour a winery and taste the wine right from the source. We recommend this Tuscan wine route, which will take you through one of the most famous wine producing regions on earth. Otherwise, if you’ll be in Rome at this point and are planning a visit to Vinoforum, you’ll have the opportunity to taste Tuscan wines as a part of the thousands of blends on offer.

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