Venice Marathon

Venice Marathon

Running a marathon may be one of the most challenging endeavors one can undertake. 26.2 miles of pavement, cobblestone, and earth await Venice Marathon runners; thousands of whom have come from all four corners of the globe to partake in the event. On October 22nd, runners line up eagerly at the starting line and await the resounding horn that initiates the city wide race. Runners course through the city on a path that takes them through some of the most beautiful and inspiring places in Venice.

Venice MarathonThe final portion of the marathon takes place in San Giuliano Park, a renovated swampland that is now home to acres of lush green grass and winding pathways for Venetians to enjoy. At 74 hectares of parkland, San Giuliano is the largest park on the European continent. For those looking to get involved without undertaking the full 26.2 mile course, a 10 kilometer option is perfect. This shortened course meets up with the marathon runners for the last leg of their journey, starting in San Giuliano park and finishing with the rest of the group in Riva Sette Martiri. This picturesque course allows runners some of the most incredible views of the city, complete with a jaunt atop the Grand Canal on a pathway specifically designed for this event. After completing the race, runners of both the full marathon as well as the 10K celebrate throughout the city. Treat yourself to a Happy Hour Tour to imbibe after the run and further explore some of the places where locals choose to unwind.

The Venice Marathon, which began in 1986, is among the newest Italian marathons held throughout the country. The ancient tradition of marathon running is still alive and well in Italy with many main cities holding races that draw enormous crowds. Italy is a very healthy, active country on the whole. Locals are known to prefer dining al fresco, taking outdoor walks and hikes, and opting for weekend outings whenever possible. To feel like a true Italian, opt for this wine and hiking tour through Cinque Terre and explore two of the most renowned aspects of Italian culture, wine and being outdoors.

Venice MarathonWhile in Venice for the marathon make sure to take advantage of all that this iconic city has to offer. Get a thorough lay of the land with this Walking Tour of Venice. Let a local explain to you all of the intricacies of this winding city and navigate the crowds that fill Venice for the event with the help of a guide. If the marathon has done its job and sufficiently worn out your legs, opt for a Gondola Ride through the famous canals instead. Autumn is a beautiful time to explore this northern city. As the weather cools, Venetians prepare for the descent into winter. Enjoy this festive season in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Venice.

Have you ever run a marathon before? Have you ever had the opportunity to witness such a large event in an Italian city. What seems to you to be the best way to unwind after the venice Marathon?

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