Venice: Epiphany Regatta

Venice: Epiphany Regatta

As you may have noted in our earlier post, January 6th marks the end of the holiday season and is celebrated as the Epiphany, which is the 12th day of Christmas. Do you think we may see 12 drummers drumming? We’ll be there looking out together! There are several celebrations around Italy, including, Rome, Florence, and perhaps the most fun, at the Grand Canal. The canal will be full of 50 gentlemen dressed as La Befana and racing through the canal to be the first to reach the mammoth stocking hanging from the Rialto Bridge.

You can also take advantage of our Venice walking tour, which will put you right at the Rialto Bridge.  How convenient!  The tour includes the famous Teatro La Fenice and the beautiful Scala del Bovolo.

On a side note, since you’re in vivacious Venice and you may have the kids in tow, we suggest you add in a trip to the fabulous Leonardo da Vinci museum.  The man was a genius!  And this tour is devoted to the kids; however, adults can’t help but admire the awe associated with these incredible works of art.

If you tack on just one extra day, you and the family can spend it in a traditional Venetian sailboat for a full day trip.  It’s one of the best ways to see our beautiful city!  Expect to see incredibly gorgeous birds, our fabulous islands, and just kick back and relax all day long.  Could there be a better way to wrap up a holiday?

Meanwhile, back at the canal, and the Regatta: of the hundreds of boat races we enjoy, this one is among the best. La Befana, the Epiphany witch, brings the kids yummy sweets and candies. Very cool! The bad news that comes with this event is that school will be starting back up in Venice, sorry kids after the holiday! That little piece of “less good” news won’t stop any of us from hanging our stockings by the fireplace so La Befana can drop in treats for the kids on the “nice” list and coal for kids on the “naughty” list. This loveable legend dates to pre-Christian days and is lots of fun! Did we mention that La Befana flies through Italy on a broom? This is an unforgettable trip, friends!

It’s nearly impossible to think about Venice, without thinking gondola rides and romance.  We won’t disappoint, we can recommend both!  Take a romantic gondola ride while sipping on a glass of Italian wine, or you can relax and enjoy a magical gondola serenade.

Have a keen interest in incredible palaces?  Visit Doge’s Palace, and grab some rockin’ lunch or dinner at the legendary Hard Rock Café!  You can also learn about the hidden secrets, and treasures of Doge’s Palace, which has been restored to its original grandeur.  Doge’s Palace is one of the most popular museums too, missing it would be a crime!

We’re looking forward to seeing you again real soon, friends. Let’s jet around Venice together and maybe sneak a few treats from La Befana! Don’t get caught though, next year, we might get coal for being naughty!

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