Turin , the city of magic

Turin, the capital city of the Piedmont region in northern Italy, is famous for soccer (Juventus team) chocolate (the Gianduiotto) and… esoterism!

The dark secrets of Turin: alchemists, devils and druids

What Turin and Harry Potter would have in common? The Philosopher’s stone.

According to an esoteric tradition Palazzo Madama would hide a Grotta Alchemica, a place of power related to the fight between white and black magic, and to the transmutation of base metal into gold.

As many of the Italian cities Turin has a pluri – millennial history. The name Turin, Torino, originates from Tauri, People of the Bull, a celtic population defeated by the Romans.

The Palazzo Madama has been built on the site which was earlier a gate in the Roman Walls of the city which, in Roman Empire times, became “Augusta Taurinorum”, “Imperial city of the Tauri” (Augustus being the first Roman Emperor), then a medieval stronghold, and it became in 1637 the residence of Christine Marie of France, regent of the Duke of Savoy.

Why a fortress became a noble residence? Here the legend starts: along with Prague and Lion, Turin would be the triangle of White Magic, each one of the three city would have a “grotta alchemica”, an alchemic cave, a source of power and “good” magic.

In Turin, the local “grotta alchemica” would be beneath Palazzo Madama, and Christine Marie would have been perfectly aware of that.

But if Turin is part of the triangle of White Magic, the Piedmont capital is magic twice, as it is part of the Black Magic Triangle (with San Francisco and London) as well!

In this case, the place of power would be Piazza Statuto, with the geodetic obelisk and the Monument to the Frejus Tunnel, which in the esoteric tradition represents not the man which defies nature, but Lucifer, the Devil who prevents mankind to reach the Eden.

Between Good and Evil, a different kind of magic was the one of Celtic Gods, and the church of Gran Madre di Dio is an example of syncretism, as the catholic church site had been a druidic temple for the Great Mother Goddess and, adding magic to magic, the statue of a woman holding a grail in front of the church brings back to the great fight between Good and Evil, just like the presence in the city of the Holy Shroud (but this is another story…) as well.

The mistery tour approach can be an unusual way to enjoy Turin which anyway, and this is no mistery, is a city of vibrant culture, great food and not far from the beautiful sea of Liguria on one side and the highest peaks of Europe on the other!

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