“This was my fairytale trip”

I lived in Italy for 3 months, and the entire time was an adventure in itself, whether I was traveling to other cities or just working in the little town of Umbertide. I stayed at Agriturismo Alle Vigne di Pace during my time, and it was the perfect spot. Paolo ran Vigna di Pace and served the best food in the restaurant right downstairs. He always had great wine recommendations as well. This vineyard sat on top of a hill, so we could see beautiful sunsets and sunrises whenever the weather allowed it. Though I wasn’t in a “big city,” I loved the homely feel of Vigne di Pace and of the town. I’d have to say that my favorite part of living in Italy was the culture and the people. Everyone I met was so friendly, and time felt like it stood still as we lived in the present and enjoyed each others’ company. The usual distractions of a busy schedule and of cell phones seemed to disappear, and the things that used to worry us appeared so insignificant. To top if all off, the scenery- nature and cityscape- was beautiful, and everywhere we went felt like a dream. The cities were filled with old architecture accompanied by some newer, more modern buildings, but everything caught your eye with a sense of awe. This was my fairytale trip, and I couldn’t of asked for a better experience. A part of my heart was left in Italy, and I look back in nostalgia as I await the day that I can return.



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