The Scoppio del Carro Fireworks, Florence

Pazzino, who was a young Florentine member of the noble Pazzi family, participated in the First Crusade in the Holy Land in 1099.  While there, he provided evidence of his courage by being the first to climb the walls of Jerusalem and raise the Christian banner.  When he came home, he brought back three flints from the Holy Sepulcher that he received for his act of courage.  Today, those same flints are preserved in the Church of SS Apostoli.  What a great story!  It is believed to be the source of the Easter Sunday “explosion of the cart” celebration or Scoppio del Carro.

This celebration has been held on Easter Sunday, April 1, (starting at 10 am) for more than 350 years.  A wagon that stands almost three stories high is filled to the brim with fireworks.  The wagon is pulled by two oxen, who are decorated with garlands and the wagon is pulled to its destination, the square between the Cathedral and the Baptistry.

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When the cart ceremony begins, a priest rubs Pazzino’s three flints together until they spark and light the Easter candle; also used to light some coals which are placed in a container on the Cart.  The procession, which includes drummers and flag bearers march the Holy Fire to the Archbishop of Florence before Santa Maria del Fiore, which may be better known to you as the Duomo.

When the “Gloria” is sung inside the church, (which is about 11 am) the Archbishop uses the fire to light a rocket, shaped like a dove, that is representative of the Holy Spirit.  The dove flies down a wire to the outside of the church and intercepts with the cart in the square, and the colorful display begins with roaring cheers from the crowd.  When all the fireworks have ignited, it is a sign of a good harvest and prosperity for all!

While the ceremony clearly has strong religious roots, some may also consider pagan roots because the purpose is to deliver good fortune.  It is one of the most popular, traditional celebrations of the Easter season, and it also includes a parade of citizens dressed in medieval clothing.

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So, if you’re still deciding where to spend your Easter, the answers are all here for you, so be sure to visit us today and book your trips.  There is so much to see and do in Florence that you will keep coming back for more of its incredible art, history, and charm.  The average temperatures for April are in the comfy mid-sixties.  What are you waiting for?  We’ll see you in Florence!  Pasqua Felice (Happy Easter)!

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