The future is now.

Last January I’ve been in Paris for Museum Connection, one of the most important events museum suppliers wait for every year.

As you maybe know, Weekend in Italy is not only a booking network for independent travelers, but it also provides museums and events with online ticketing services.

Meeting so many operators and colleagues that do this job for the main museums and attractions all over the world has been so stimulating. It was possible to exchange opinions and views about the future of booking and it was great how we all agreed on a point: the future of ticketing must be more technological.

We won’t only provide customers with their booked and printed entrance pass, but we’ll also lead visitors by the hand in a world of services they can use directly on their smartphone and mobile devices.

Wait a moment, that’s no more the future: it’s now. Everyone of us is doing it.

While visiting the MoMa in New York or the Lousiana in Denmark, you can get maps and infos on your phone. When booking on Weekend in Italy you can have our app available to get real time advice about your visit in Italy in order to offer a direct customer care chat line and make visitors explore the city.

If you think about it, it’s a revolution: we are not only selling tickets, but we are giving our customers a full experience and an interactive tool to decide on how to spend their time in Italy.

The future is now.

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