Milan Food Walking Tour

Milan is like most cities in Italy where it has its own regional food, Milan more frequently uses rice in their dishes rather than pasta and use practically no tomato in their dishes. Addition to its unique cuisine Milan has several world-renowned restaurants and cafés. Found in the historic centre are the more refined and upper-class restaurants whilst the more traditional and popular restaurants can be found in the Brera and Navigili districts. One of the city’s elegant cafés or pasticcerie is the Caffè Cova, an ancient Milanese coffeehouse founded in 1817 near the Teatro alla Scala.

On this tour you will discover a great variety of tastes and experiences when you are taken into the heart of Milan’s food and drink traditions. For 3 hours you get to experience a taste of Melanzane alla Parmigiana (Aubergine Parmigiana), Cannoli (Sicilian cream horns), Artisan beer made in Italy, Culatello (refined dry-cured ham), Milanese-style meatballs, Parma ham aged for 24 months, Authentic Italian gelato, Milan-style Aperitivo at a trendy art and aperitivo bar “La Bicicletta,” Pizza in teglia (pan pizza)

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