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Magical Islands around Venice

Venetian Lagoon has much more to offer than Venice itself. Murano Island is best known for its glass manufacture. Initially the island prospered as a small fishing village. It all changed in 1291 when all the glassmakers in Venice were forced to move to Murano due to the risk of fires. Over the years the artisans developed their technique so greatly that if caught sharing the secrets of glass production they risked being assassinated or having their hands cut off by the secret police. Their monopoly on production of fine glass and mirrors lasted for centuries. Today’s artisans are still using the same techniques which are protected by law. Original pieces wear the “Vetro Artistico Murano” trademark.
Burano Island is situated at the northern end of Venetian Lagoon. It is mostly famous for the intriguing brightly coloured houses. Old story says that fishermen painted their houses to be able to recognize them from long distance when they were at the sea. The truth is that the colours of the houses follow a specific system which is in place for centuries. The island is also well known for hand-made lace.
Not many people know that Torcello Island was inhabited much earlier than Venice. For many centuries it was more powerfull than Venice itself. The lagoon around the island gradually became a swamp and Torcello was hit with malaria. Eventually most of its citizens left the island.
If you want to see Torcello`s laguna morta (dead lagoon) book a Lagoon Islands Excursion and see all three islands in one day.

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