Life picks up when the sun goes down

In spite of the hot weather, Italy is the best destination for a vacation in August! Many Italians take their vacation during this steamy summer month, and the entire country breathes and thinks vacation time. While August temperatures tend to cool down a little in the North, central and southern Italy still see the mercury climbing, so it’s a great idea to plan some tours and activities for when the sun goes down. Follow us through this list of fascinating, relaxing, and interesting suggestions for your Italy-bound clients!



Venice in August is at its best at night. Venice is well known for being a romantic destination because of the magical landscape, the canals, bridges, gondolas and so on. But many visitors miss the hidden beauties of this city, which become especially visible at night after the day’s heat and the daytime visitors are gone. Encourage your clients to find accommodation in the historical city center so they can enjoy Venice by night when the atmosphere changes completely and becomes thrilling! A great way to experience this is with the Mysteries and Ghosts of Venice Walking Tour. Shown by an official guide, travelers will discover the secret Venice, its hidden and mysterious passages. They will hear ghost stories of unlucky lovers and charming women – and never see Venice the same way again. Visitors who have already seen the magnificent and monumental Doge’s Palace and who feel like discovering this spectacular city from an entirely original point of view will especially appreciate this tour.


Spending some days in Turin during the summer is a good idea – the perfect occasion for your clients to enjoy the streets without traffic and the world-class museums without too many visitors. suggests another unconventional tour, Magical Turin , to discover this city that has an age-old esoteric tradition. Your clients will discover Turin’s lesser-known side come to life – through the mystery of the “door of the devil” (Portone del Diavolo), the “spectral dragons,” the legend of the alchemical caves. The unusual tour culminates at the veiled woman holding the chalice of the Holy Grail, under the watchful eye of famous ghosts!


The city that never sleeps has lots of means to overcome the heat, and your clients will enjoy vibrant Milan’s slightly more relaxed summer pace. A perfect idea for those who are interested in discovering the beautiful metropolis after hours, avoiding the summer heat, is the Milan Segway Night Tour . After a quick orientation on how to use the Segway, your clients will follow their official guide for a memorable experience – from historical places in Milan’s city center to the brand-new modern skyscrapers. They’ll be introduced to the Unicredit Tower – the tallest skyscraper in Italy – as well as to the innovative “Vertical Forest” and the glittering Diamond Tower as they glide through the cooler night air discovering the city in an unconventional way!


According to The Telegraph, Florence‘s balmy temperatures, al fresco eating and drinking and busy open-air arts and concert season make it one of Italy’s most vibrant summer destinations. Another perfect reason for your clients to take advantage of the climate and visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world.How about suggesting to your clients that they take advantage of the weather and leave the hot city streets with this Boat Tour? A professional guide introduces travelers to the river Arno with its secrets, its history, and the beautiful palazzi visible from the water. The boat passes in front of the Uffizi Gallery, home of many artistic, historical treasures. Not many Florence visitors get the opportunity to cross beneath the unique Ponte Vecchio bridge!  Your clients just need to sit back in the boat and enjoy the knowledgeable guide’s explanations. It’s a great and relaxing way to experience Florence from a different point of view!


Smoldering volcanoes, bubbling mud baths, and steaming fumaroles make these tiny islands north of Sicily a truly hot destination! Even at the height of summer, there is nothing better than to discover their natural heritage. For example, your clients may want to spend a magical day and an unforgettable evening mixing the pleasures of a “day off” without sacrificing culture, with the Aeolian Islands Tour: Panarea & Stromboli by Night . It’s a spectacular way to discover these mythical islands, and the breathtaking bays and beaches. The adventure culminates with a visit to Stromboli by night, when the Sciara del Fuoco, (“stream of fire”), the actively flowing lava, is particularly visible. You can assure your clients that this is an experience they will not forget!


Mark August 16, The Palio horse race in Siena, on your client’s calendar. During this sporting and historical event, seventeen Sienese “contrade” (neighborhoods), challenge each other in a passionate horse race in the heart of the city, the famous Piazza del Campo.  It’s a very complex and passionately experienced event. The day of the Palio starts with a ceremony of blessing the horses and continues with a parade in historical costumes passing through the city and ending in Piazza del Campo.For the occasion of the Palio, has some exclusive services in store for your clients – for example, the opportunity to book a private tour through the streets of Siena during those days of celebration. Likewise, your clients could easily book their tickets for the Palio through us; we offer the unique opportunity to join the horse race from windows in the noble palace overlooking Piazza del Campo, or entire apartments according to the number of people and according to availability. If you are interested in this last solution, we can also arrange a buffet in the palace during the race.

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