Lemon Festival

Let’s Paint The Town Yellow- Lemon Festival Monterosso

Lemon FestivalThe hilltop town of Monterosso will soon be ablaze in the sights, smells, and tastes of lemons. They won’t be the typical lemon variety that you may be accustomed to, however. For the lemons in Monterosso in the Riviera region of Cinque Terre are not the tart, sour type that are commonly sold in the US and throughout Europe. Conversely, this juicy, bright yellow variety are among the sweetest and tastiest in the world. According to the people of Monterosso, they’re variety of the fruit are unsurpassed anywhere on Earth and they will do everything they can to convince you of the same. At the end of this month the village will set up stalls, displays, and guided walks through the streets and in the lemon groves to demonstrate exactly how juicy and delicious their fruits really are. This joyous springtime celebration is called the Festa del Limone and is truly unforgettable. Explore the region in comfort with a private chauffeured excursion.

In the morning, stalls will begin to set up throughout town showing off their most beautiful and delicious variations on the namesake fruit. Yellow decorations will be everywhere, transforming the town almost into a lemon itself. In the earlier hours of the celebration visitors are invited to taste hundreds of lemon recipes, from marmalades to oils and juices to lemon flavored foods. The town also hosts a guided walk in the town called the “8000 lemon-scented steps,” where visitors are guided through the hilltop groves and up to beautiful views above the town and over the Cinque Terre region. If you’re the hiking type, opt for a wine and hiking tour through the region.

Lemon FestivalOnce you descend back into the town, the celebration will have transformed significantly. Now stalls will have added elaborate confections and sweets to their offerings, from lemon pies to cookies to merengues and of course, everyone’s favorite, Limoncello, which is a liqueur created using the tangy fruits. Excited at the prospect of tasting a region through its alcohol offerings? You’re in luck! Opt for a wine tour through Tuscany instead.

Toward the end of the celebration, town officials will gather to crown one shop as having the prettiest Lemon-themed window display as well as a grower that has the biggest lemon of the year. This festival is renowned throughout the country as being the most quintessentially ‘spring’ event and is not to be missed. Want to take your springtime revelries to the next level? How about a hiking and outdoor weekend in Sicily?

We especially love this festival for its location and its tastes.  But what about you?  Have you ever been?  What was your experience like?

Anything you’d like to share about a trip to Cinque Terre?  (We like the trains but the ferry is more fun.  What do you think?)  We and our readers would love to hear from you.

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