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Flower Festivals In June

flower festivalEach June, beginning the weekend after Corpus Christi, various parts of Italy become even more bright and colorful than normal for the displays of Infiorata, or flower displays, that take up major thoroughfares in towns and villages throughout the country. Two major flower displays are in Genzano di Roma, a suburb right outside of the capital, and Ventimiglia, in the Western Ligurian Riviera.

In Genzano di Roma, one can enjoy the floral odyssey by taking a day trip from the capital itself. The drive out from the capital is so easy, in fact, that you can really make a day of it by starting in Florence, hopping into the driver’s seat in a Ferrari, and checking out the flowers as a stop during your day. If you were looking for a way to enjoy the hillside town, the view from the seat of an Italian sports car can’t be beat. If you like the idea of jetting around on an Italian vehicle but would prefer to keep it close to Rome, a guided Vespa tour makes for an incredible day.

Each year the Infiorata has a different theme. Past themes have been centered around historical events, characters, and environmental issues. The flowers are traditionally laid all through a principal avenue of the town and spectators walk alongside them to enjoy. In addition to shops selling various flower themed products, most corners will have a traditional purveyor of Italian gelato.

Another incredible flower celebration that takes place in Italy each year is the Battle of the Flowers in Ventimiglia. This lovely Northern town is centrally situated between Milan and Turin. A fun option is to take a guided excursion through the region, including a visit to the lovely Garda lake. Throughout the years, the Infiorata has transformed into a vibrant carnival, with paper mache floats parading through the riviera town. Ventimiglia is unsurprisingly one of the biggest flower exporters at the international level and home to one of the fairest climates in Italy. For those who will be in the region at this time, spending a day in a lesser known main city is a great idea. The magical Turin tour offers the opportunity to explore a northern city that is the heart of much Italian industry.


Flowers are beautiful and can be used in beautiful ways to celebrate different occasions. If you’ve been to an Italian Flower Festival, what is the most wonderful display that you’ve seen? We think it’s well worth the trip to visit these celebrations.  What are your thoughts?

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