What to drink in Milan: wine, cocktails, and an “ancient” liquor

Something to drink in Milan? Milan is the Italian capital of fashion, style and coolness. A coolness that you get also when it comes to nice places to have a glass of good wine, a posh cocktail, or an auld – times – style liquor…

What to drink in Milan: a “sparkling” city

If Tuscany and Piedmont share the throne of best Italian red wine producer – with Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino on a side, and Barbera and Barolo on the other – Lombardy and the not far Veneto are more into sparkling white wines.

Not far from Milan – which is the Lombardy’s capital city – on the way to Venice, you’ll find Brescia and the Franciacorta area. And the Franciacorta wine is the Italian way to Champagne: you must try a glass of Franciacorta as, even if less famous than the French “cousin”, some of the Franciacorta labels and vintage are just awesome.

Milan has many Wine Bars where you can taste and buy a Franciacorta wine. But it’s not all about wine…

Drink in Milan: the “old style” stuff

Milan has its own tonic liquor since 1815: mister Ramazzotti, a pharmacist originally from Bologna, invented this bitter drink which is still a made in Milan product, even if the ownership of the brand is not Italian anymore. Ramazzotti is a kosher drink, one the favourite bitter drink in Germany and it can be enjoyed neat or in cocktails. And, about cocktails…

Cocktails in Milan

The Aperitivo – a great before – dinner cocktail, enjoyed in an elegant bar, better if with a wide choice of appetizers, is almost a religion in Milan.

The Bar Basso is an historical bar in Milan: it’s definitely not a posh place, but its cocktails are amazing, since 1947! The Rita is another great bar to try while you are in Milan, and it is in the Navigli area, a very nice part of the city. Thus: enjoy Milan…. Responsibly! 😉

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