What to drink in Florence, or: great wine, not only wine

Drink in Florence means the great wines from Tuscany, of course. But, wait: there is even more!

Drink in Florence: where streams of red wine are flowing…

Super Tuscan. Chianti. Along with Piedmont, Tuscany is one of the Italian regions in which wine is a pleasure, a culture, almost a religion.

An amazing, continuous path connects the great noble families of the medieval and Renaissance Florence to the best wine farms of the nowadays Tuscany.

The wine had an important exchange value, it meant wealth. And, well: Florence is still a great destination for an incredible tasting trip.

But what are the great red wines that you must try in Florence?

Drink in Florence: Chianti

Chianti was the wine of nobles and kings, but it had a troubled history. Chianti has been “re – discovered” in the XX Century and it has become very popular after being labelled “Super Tuscan” by American experts.

It is a strong wine, perfect with red meat and venison.

Drink in Florence: Brunello di Montalcino

Actually Montalcino is part of the Siena province, but an enoteca in Florence – a wine bar – is the perfect place to sip a glass of this ruby miracle… Mind the vintage, but: because some are very, very – very!!! – expensive!

Drink in Florence: it’s not all about wine, anyway…

If an enoteca is the perfect destination for wine tasting, the Florence city center offers some of the best bars in the world.

If you are looking for an aperitivo – a pre – lunch or dinner cocktail, served in an elegant, posh environment, Florence is – again – a winning destination. Moreover Florence is quite an important city in cocktail history, as the “Negroni” was born there, and named after the Count of Negroni.

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