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A few days ago, we proudly introduced you to one of our Italian experts.  Her name is Kathy McCabe, and she is the Dream of Italy queen.  Her vivacious video series breathes life to the dream and only enhances your desire to visit one of the most beautiful and historic locations in the world!  Our last post was all about fantastic Florence, and this post describes just a small piece of what makes romantic Venice so very special.

Dating to the 8th century, Venice was a maritime powerhouse.  We are delightfully greeted by an 8th generation gondolier who has spent the last 27 years, loving his job.  So, let’s get romantic on a gondola ride with music and the serenity of the canals. A magical and unforgettable Venetian evening.  You can also book a private gondola ride here.

Another way to appreciate Venice in all her glory is a dinner cruise on the Galleon, under the stars with incredible Italian food and wine.  Oh, la la!

Water is the lifeblood of Venice and always has been; however, rising waters can result in crumbling building exteriors.  Lucca, an oceanographer, shares information about the 118 islands and how water is adversely impacting this gorgeous city of palaces and canals.  Also, how the newly constructed MOSE plant is helping to establish an ecological balance.

It’s also a felony to visit Venice without seeing at least one of the perfect palaces, like Doge’s Palace.  This incredible value includes a six-month pass to several civic museums, like the Lace Museum.  Come and visit as often as you like!

For seafood lovers, we meet Chef Ricardo who introduces us to the 11th century Rialto market and then prepares a traditional fried eel dish, along with the iconic Italian spritz.

As you know, the canals are the means of transportation for everyone in Venice, including law enforcement and emergency medical care.  Kathy’s guest, Giovanni describes the 177 canals lined with homes, hotels, and palaces, and we also meet a lovely couple who own a local bed and breakfast.

Another marvel in Venice is the infamous engineering prodigy of the clock tower, which has measured Venetian life for more than 500 years.

As if we weren’t already mesmerized by this enchanting city, we also meet Marisa who is an incredibly talented bead maker.  Many Italian women contribute to the household income by selling beautiful beaded jewelry as well as trade beads.  Marisa also makes the lovely glass beads, which is an art that exceeds 1,000 years of age.

You can pick up a wide assortment of rosary beads, beautiful Murano glass watches, as well as many other Italian made products, before, during or after your visit!

Additional Venetian locations that you want to visit include:

·      St. Mark’s Basilica, the Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Venice, and seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice.  It is the city’s most famous and most visited church and an excellent example of the Byzantine style.  Because of its rich design and gilded mosaics, the church is often simply referred to as “the Golden Basilica.”  All you can do is stand in awe of its incredible beauty.

·      The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, which is housed in her former home, the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, is right on “Main Street” also known as the Grand Canal.  A work of art itself, not to mention the magnificent contents.

·      Murano, Burano, and Torcello are the islands which tell the story of Venice and its origins.  This half-day trip includes the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, the S. Elena Gardens and the Lido famous for its refreshing, sandy beaches.  In Murano, you will find gorgeous glassware galore!

If you have lived in or visited this gorgeous country, please share your experiences in the comments section below!  As proud Italians, we may be just a wee bit prejudiced.  Well, no way, Venice is everything and more than what we’ve already shared, don’t you agree?  See you again soon!

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