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A day trip from Venice: Treviso

Ladies and gentleman here it is: a quick guide for the must see and what to do in Treviso!

What to do in Treviso, the “underrated” town

Treviso is – according to a The Telegraph UK article, the underrated gateway to Venice . The small town just 40km / 25mi from La Serenissima can be a perfect base to explore not only Venice, but also the not far Alps – the legendary Dolomiti – Trieste (its Piazza Unità d’Italia is probably one of the most beautiful promenades in the world), or even Slovenia and Austria.

Treviso: history

Treviso was originally a Celtic settlement which shares the same process with many other ancient towns of Pianura Padana – the Po river valley: the “Romanization”. Treviso, and the whole of Cisalpine Gaul, becomes part of the Roman domains in 89 BCE.

And, as for the rest of Pianura Padana, Treviso’s medieval history was quite troubled. In 1183 it became an independent commune.

Meanwhile the importance of Venice was growing dramatically, and if La Serenissima was mostly a ruler of the seas, it developed a land expansion as well, and Treviso became part of the Venice Republic in the XIV Century.

The end of the Venice independence will bring the Austrian domination, and finally Treviso will become part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1866.

Treviso, or Venice on a river

The city landscape of Treviso is characterized by the River Sile.

The Tersera (Sile’s north bank) walking is a great way to have fun and relax, running or cycling too.

With the Buranelli (the name is apparently connected with Burano, the Venice lagoon island), a canal connected to the Botteniga river, you can experience a bit of Venice in Treviso, with the narrow stream of water running between ancient buildings.

The Italian capital of Rugby

If you are into Rugby, you have another great reason to visit the city. The local Rugby franchise is the best of Italy, and part of the Guinness Pro12 tournament.

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