A Day Trip from Siena: Bagno Vignoni

An idyllic town with legendary food and wine, in the middle of the Siena gentle hills. Can you possibly to want more for a day trip from Siena (or Florence as well…)?

Bagno Vignoni, or… spring in the Siena Countryside

Bagno Vignoni is a definitely tiny village (just 30 people in the last census!) of the San Quirico d’Orcia municipality in the Siena province. The Orcia Valley – or Valdorcia – is one of the many beautiful areas of the Siena surroundings that, as usual in Italy, enshrine thousands of years of history, amazing landscapes and artworks, top notch food & wine.

So, in its small way, Bagno Vignoni has it all. A Roman settlement, as the name says – Bagno meaning Bath – the hot springs of the village were – and still are – its main feature. A beautiful thermal pool in the very center of the village is the Bagno Vignoni must see and a spa which had many famous guests, such as Saint Catherine of Siena, and Lorenzo il Magnifico, the symbol of Renaissance Florence.

Medieval highways

While today Bagno Vignoni is definitely off the beaten track, In Middle Ages it was an important coach station along the Via Francigena, the most important pilgrims’ route from France to Rome.

The food in Bagno Vignoni

While it is possible again to walk – partially at least – the path of the medieval pilgrims, trekking or cycling, what there is no doubt about is that Bagno Vignoni still has a lot of hospitality to offer when it comes to food and wine! Montalcino and its Brunello are not far, the area has many amazing cheesemongers and the local pasta i pici is perfectly matched by venison or pork ragouts.

The Spas

And Bagno Vignoni hasn’t lost either its vocation as thermal holidays destination: many hotels around have their own Spa, so you’ll have an healthy option after indulging in a paradise for foodies!

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