Cycling the Chianti from Siena

The beautiful city of Siena can be the perfect base for a cycling holiday in Chianti, one of the most interesting terroir of Tuscany. A perfect example of slow tourism between history and culture, food and wine!

Cycling the Chianti, Cycling the Siena Province (and the Arezzo and Florence as well)

But what is Chianti? “I monti del Chianti” are a range of hills between Arezzo, Florence and Siena which divide the Chiana river valley from the Valdarno, the Arno river valley.

This hilly landscape is the backbone of a terroir which give us one of the most important Italian wine, indeed the Chianti wine, and probably the best extra virgin olive oil in the world, with exceptional organoleptic properties and a very low acidity rate.

As the Cinta senese, a DOP (Protected designation of origin) breed of domestic pig, and the Chianina, the cattle breed which meat is perfect for the bistecca, are around, you can say you are going to have a bike stroll in a food paradise!

Meanwhile Chianti is a treasure chest of amazing landscapes and culture: in the Chianti you can still feel, and see, the shapes, colours and lights that inspired the medieval and Renaissance painters: the landscape is still dotted with castles, abbeys, churches.

Moreover, a lot of agriturismo are available, another occasion to experience and enjoy the Tuscan hospitality.

Tips for cycling Chianti and how to get there

Remember that Italy is a right – hand traffic Country. Tuscany has a temperate climate, but coming up to the hills showers are possible. November can be a very rainy month, July and August can be very warm.

Chianti’s hills have usually gentle slopes, but a bit of training will give you the possibility of enjoying at the most your cycling time!

“Il Chianti” is easily reachable from Pisa and Florence Airport. You can reach Arezzo and Siena by train, from Florence, Pisa, Rome.

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