A city of champions: Milan and San Siro for soccer fans

Milan has an amazing historical and artistic heritage. But it has also a great sports history, where soccer is the lion’s share. A history you can experience while you are visiting the Lombardia’s capital city.

San Siro Meazza: where the magic happens

While Juventus, the famous Turin equipe, is the team that has won more “scudetti” – Italian championships – the two Milan teams: the Milan AC and the Inter FC have an incredible palmares of european and world – level victories.

The theatre of many of the great Milan and Inter’s victories is the Milan stadium: the San Siro – Meazza.

“The” San Siro is used for great concerts (Bruce springsteen, Madonna, U2…) as well: so it is also a sort of “La Scala” of rock…

It was built in 1925 and inaugurated in 1926. Guess what? The first “partita” – the first soccer match – was, of course, a Milan VS Inter one (Inter victory, 6 – 3).

San Siro have seen the great victories of Milan and Inter in the Uefa european championships between the Sixties and Seventies, and then Milan in the late nineties and more recently Inter with the “Mourinho age”.

For sure, the rivalry between the two teams is one of the traits of Milan’s character, and since 1996 that rivalry, and the sports heritage of the two teams, have a museum: a museum which is part of San Siro Stadium itself.

So, when you are at the Meazza (since 1980 the official name of the stadium is Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, the most important Milanese soccer player, who played in both teams) you definitely should give to the “San Siro Museum & Tour” a try: you’ll be at home if you love soccer like an Italian, otherwise you will have a chance to discover something interesting about the Italian soccer culture!

Not only soccer

The San Siro area has even more to offer: the San Siro race course complex has tracks for gallop and harness racing, and you can relax, after the madness of a partita or a race, in the Trenno Park nearby.

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