Better than handmade: the Neapolitan handcrafting culture

Naples is so much more than good food, beautiful sea landscapes, historical heritage and… a volcano!

Naples, the capital of the Campania region, the door to the beauties of south Italy, is also an important site for the Italian craftsmanship.

The Italian artisans have thousands of years of art in their DNA and, well: it definitely helps!

While enjoying Naples you’ll have the opportunity to experience the work of the little botteghe in many different – yet fascinating – fields. Some suggestions? Top notch fashion, coral and porcelain, and some very special statuettes…

Naples artisans: the bespoke shirt

Fancy an Italian alta moda shirt? Well: in Naples you can have the very best of the best. The capital of Campania is the capital of bespoke shirts as well. A bespoke shirt is making art from a customized shirt: the tailor creates not a shirt, but your personal shirt, perfect for your body!

Naples artisans: the treasures of Capodimonte

The Museum of Capodimonte enshrines great Neapolitan painting and decorative art. Some of the beautiful pieces of the museum are in coral, the Naples’ red gold.

After intensive fishing, the coral is now a protected species: fished now in small amounts and under regulation it is the raw material for beautiful jewelry and ornaments.

But Capodimonte doesn’t mean coral only: the “Porcellana di Capodimonte” brand, established in 1743, still offers porcelain masterpieces.

100% Naples: the Crib’s statuettes

The Presepe is the Christmas tradition par excellence: not for nothing the very first Presepe was “organized” by Saint Francis of Assisi! But Naples has its own peculiar tradition about the Presepe: in Via San Gregorio Armeno you can find a lot of workshops manufacturing le statuette del Presepe – the Crib’s statuettes.

Not only the “classical” ones (the Holy Family, the Three Kings, shepherds and sheeps…) but inspired by current events and immortalising famous people. An example? Diego Armando Maradona, the soccer “King of Naples” between 1984 and 1991.

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