What to drink in Sicily: wine, sweet wine, fruit juice

Sicily is an island of contrast and great personality: if you are going to have a drink in Sicily you are going to experience the same contrasts and personality: when it comes to wine, sweet wine or exotic yet ancient and simple cocktails or even fruit juice.

Wines you have to drink in Sicily

Now owned by the Sicily Region administration, the Corvo Vini Duca di Salaparuta estate was established in 1824 by Prince Giuseppe Alliata di Villafranca, Duke of Salaparuta.

The Corvo ones became the first Sicilian wines to be exported all over the world, since the second half of the XIX Century.

Both the red and white Corvo inherit all the character of the harsh Sicilian earth and climate, that give to the wine a high alcohol content and a sharp, pronounced flavour.

Another interesting Sicilian wine is the Cerasuolo di Vittoria, a DOCG wine from the Ragusa, Caltanisetta and Catania provinces.

But Sicily has also a couple of legendary sweet wines…

The sweet amber gold of Sicily: Zibibbo and Passito

Zibibbo and Passito are Sicilian sweet wines that you must drink during your stay in Sicily! Again, the Sicilian microclimate and the organoleptic characteristics of the soil conjure to create an amazing flavour for a well balanced sweet wine: probably among the best in the world of their kind.

A drink in Sicily: Zammù, the local cocktail

Sicily can have an extremely warm weather. Zammù is the local way to enjoy a very refreshing drink with that bit of alcohol and a lot of flavour: a glass of very cold water and a hint of Anisette.

… Or go natural!

No alcohol at all for you? No problem! Try the latte di mandorle – almond milk: sweet, refreshing, super – yummy. Or just an orange juice. Sicilian orange are more than amazing: I guarantee it will be quite an experience!

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